Did you see that?

Light start, turned very heavy on the return leg. 9-7°C, strong wind and very heavy rain to coming home .

Spent the afternoon in front of the fire playing records

Just as the rain got heavier on the return leg. my route turned into a narrow strip of woodland by the river. There’s a few cottages and a narrow lane that leads to a school. At Eyes lane, anelderly runner zipped by in the other direction. What’s remarkable was that in the developing storm, he was naked from the waist up. Raindrops got larger in the squall. Was he heading back to jump in a sauna for that ho/cold shock thing that’s popular in scandinavia?

Note to self: at the café in I took a few minutes out to add some pressure to the rear wheel. As soon as I set.off, the bike felt renewed. The handling was crisp again and the bike seemed much faster.


Warmer and warmer. 12 – 16°C, unnaturally Hugh temperatures.

Shorts in November!

I’ve been for early runs 3 times this week, and used the Green Machines each time. Setoff was around 06.30 in darkness for about 25 minutes . This is a good habit despite that nagging ankle injury from the GR20.

Grey November ride.

Mustang: grey damp and no wind

PNR mushroom.

Pushed back the ride to get some maintenance done. The Zing has a new chain that I failed to fit. Shimano chains have a single-use pin to close the chain. I broke it. The Jake also has a new KMC chain which was easy to fit but there’s a problem. The cassette is worn out on about 4 cogs. It’s the original on a 2015 bike, so that’s a decent life. The jockey wheels were almost toothless. Changed them too.

Great, an hour’s work and now 2 bikes are unrideable. At least I got a run this morning.

Last time,

16°C, occasional showers, low sun in strong SW wind.

That Speedo is erratic today.

Each time I ride the Zing, I think it’s the last ride this season. The weather has been surprisingly mild, 17°C today. The problem is that my winter bike is so heavy in comparison. The fixed far better (when the wind is light).

Down the ditch.

Didn’t go this way.

Tarleton ditch: I took a bridle path towards Tarleton to get off the main road. Immediately after passing three folks, my rear wheel skipped. That tipped me off, the bike fell flat and I rolled down an embankment in the rushes. No harm done. I bet they weren’t expecting that. The youngest was walking on her phone but she hadn’t filmed it. I asked.

Banks Birdshot: on riding along the edge of RSPB by Gorse Derry, I could hear gunshots.A cloud of birds took off in front and more shots sounded out. Then the clatter of pellets swept across the grass. Some hit me.

Better green machines.

In the Botanical Gardens there are better Green Machines. Those are the same as the ones that used to be on the sea front. The location is nice too.

Morning walk + a tentative jog to test my Achilles. All good, and these green machines are much better than the smaller selection in Cossens. There’s not even any neo-nazi Whiterose propaganda stickers there.